2012 IASD Precognitive Dreaming Contest – 2nd PLACE Maria Pita

The Target Image: The Geographer by Johannes Vermeer

The target pool contained 131 random images. Participants had to post their dreams on the PDC discussion board – date and time stamped – by midnight, at least 9 hours before the target selection. Each target had a number assigned to it. A random number generator selected the target image from the target pool.

2nd PLACE – Maria Pita

The hits I posted for the judge’s review after posting my full dream:

The title of my dream was “Maps” which are the heart and soul of a geographer, and the figure in the paining is leaning over, ostensibly viewing, a map. I provided an image of Norway, a close approximation to the long slender shape of the country-countries I saw in my dream map. I felt it was a country in a far northern clime, an impression strengthened by a hypnogogic flash of looking down on green rolling hills, an image of which I also provided. The word “captain” clearly appeared in red on the map bordered by ocean. Ship’s are commanded by a captain and relates to the objects in the painting.

I’m seeing shapes from above akin to countries on a map, three, maybe four of them. They are the (I describe what I felt-thought as best I can with words!) areas of a game. My fellow player, male, and I are sharing a joke about “Captain” and as I watch him “move” up the “map” I realize Captain is not a person but the game’s core component as I see the word written in red inside the topmost “country” shape, very narrow as the map moves up, what must be ocean meeting its northern and western borders.

All night in my dream I felt the target image was, or was related to, a map.

my driving motivation the whole time, even as I dally to interact with certain dream characters, is to get to the IASD 7:00 a.m. meeting… to write down my precognitive dream about the target image being a map of some kind.

William Reed’s last name struck me, in WR, as reinforcing the map motif because you “read” a map. (Not included in my submission but it also sounds a little like Vermeer.)

I find myself seated beside a grown-up William (Bill) Reed, a boy I had a crush on in 3rd grade who grabbed my arm and said, “We’ll miss you” the last day of school, because I would be spending 4th grade in Venezuela traveling, and the contact was my first taste of sensual desire.

I was given a map to show me the way to the IASD meeting, green-white, or green-yellow, very much the color of the map framed on the back wall of the painting.

I ask a woman if this is the IASD Precognitive Dreaming meeting, but she’s clueless, and moving deeper behind the scenes into some rooms, I come across a table of seated “officials” one of whom, a man, in response to my question, hands me a green and white laminated fold-up map.

I refer to an enclosed dark room and the distinct colors: black, white, red, yellow, natural wood tones, all of which appear in the painting.

Major Structural Elements: … a dark room… distinct colors: black, white, red, green, yellow, natural wood tones.

Maps show points of longitude every 15 degrees. The North Pole is 90 degrees North and each degree is divided into 60 minutes: I was urgently looking for room number 6015 and then room number 9015. I was in essence navigating, getting from one room, one set of coordinates, to another.

I run out when she tells me, in response to my question, that this is room 6015 and the one I must want is 9015.

At one point in the dream, I felt surrounded by fish and water and felt the event I was attending was located overseas.

I get the sense the event I’m attending is overseas. She’s teasing me about how uncoordinated I am as I bemoan how late I am for the meeting, already past 8 when it began at 7. Then I jokingly go stand in a bathtub that was a fish tank and I still see some fish and water there.

The clock-compass at the end of my night of dreaming, a navigator’s (geographer’s) tool, akin to the object the figure in the painting is holding.

Just before waking one final time, I clearly see a clock-compass