About Me

I have been lucid dreaming for seven years, averaging 5-6 lucid dreams per month. I am a regular contributor to the Lucid Dreaming Experience Magazine, for which I was interviewed by Robert Waggoner in September 2011, only months after I began my lucid dreaming practice.

My lucid dreaming practice has transformed my life in key ways. For example, when I first began lucid dreaming, I believed in reincarnation, so in my older dreams, I interpret some of my experiences based on this belief, which I no longer hold. However, I have left the dreams, and their accompanying notes, just as I recorded them even though my thinking has since changed and developed.

My dream related books are the non-fiction titles Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit, and Beyond Inception: Real Lucid Dreaming Encounters. My most recent work is the historical novel, Dreaming in Egypt-The Story of Asenath and Joseph.

I welcome questions and feedback from other lucid dreamers: Contact 

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