Soul Self Embrace

Note: I wait over a year before posting my lucid dreams, in chronological order.

Dream of June 5, 2015

I become aware of having been alone in a shadowy space for some time. In the dream, I feel it’s a bathroom even though it’s as large as a room, and seems to have two levels—the one I’m on, slightly raised above an area with a closed door. I’m looking at my reflection in a mirror-wall, standing where I feel the shower should be. In the dimness, my skin is a whitish-gray. I am almost entirely naked, and pleased to observe that I continue losing weight. As I study my slender torso, I suddenly wonder what I’m doing in here, exposed and unprotected. I feel compelled to assure myself that my privacy is secure. But where is my little dog, Arthur?! Immediately, I see him curled happily up near the door, where he has been napping, as his contented ear-scratching motion catches my eye.

Feeling relaxed again, I step down to the main level. The walls all appear to be mirrors, and in each one I am confronted by myself. I’m much more slender than I was just a few months ago, but I don’t feel that I’m merely looking at my reflection. My body keeps appearing before me as though it is following Me around, separate from my awareness, and yet also intimately connected to it. I realize this when I deliberately turn, and embrace my self. The Me who initiates the embrace is as corporeal as my physical “reflection” for I distinctly feel the tender solidity of our arms around each other, and of our shoulders and torsos pressed together.

With intense emotion, I declare, “I love you, Maria!” and after thinking about it for a moment, add, “We’re doing our very best.” I know what is happening—my soul is consciously forgiving my self for its wounds and weaknesses, some of which are my own fault, some of which are not. But none of that matters anymore, because we are together now, united by my soul’s determined desire to grow spiritually stronger, and by the fact that God has made our mysterious union possible.

As my soul holds on to my self, we drift toward the right, and suddenly, but not surprisingly, I realize I’m embracing my sister, Lourdes, when the silhouette of her distinctive profile becomes visible just slightly above me to my right. This transition makes sense, for she is also part of Me. I allow the dream’s invisible current to carry us over to the opposite side of the space, and as we approach a corner, I inform Lourdes that we’ll be going through the wall now. I know we’ll pass right through the whiteness as if it was no more substantial than moonlight, and indeed we do.

Still clinging to each other—and floating a little ways above the ground like twins in a dream womb—I notice with satisfaction that we are in a residential neighborhood that looks and feels like an urban suburb. I notice an older building, illuminated on one side by a street light, which looks like renovated apartments. At this point, I remember my intent—to visit my brother’s home so I can try to heal him, or at least make him lucid. Then Lourdes says quietly, “That’s ? Street.” I can’t remember it now, but in the dream, I recognize the name of the street, and I know it means we’re already in or around Boston. Great, very close to my target. I say, “Let’s teleport to Mario’s apartment!” and for a second or two, we surge forward at high speed before coming to a stop. It seems  we’ll have to settle for getting there in a series of fast travel spurts.

As we shoot forward again, to my left I notice a circular pool of white concrete or stone, approximately twenty-four feet in diameter, across which falls a shadow in the shape of a doorway. I immediately halt our progress and—separating from my sister while at the same time urging her to follow me—I land on the white surface. I intend to open this shadow door directly onto our destination, and as I bend down toward the shadow, an actual silvery metal doorknob materializes attached to a very real looking white door lying flat on the ground. Delighted, I grip the knob, and lift the door open as I tell my sister, “This door will open directly into Mario’s apartment.” Yet already I see that this portal actually opens onto pale blue sky. The perspective intriguingly skewed, I glimpse the tops of buildings below me, one of which I hope is my brother’s. As I’m about to fly down into the sky, I wake.

2 thoughts on “Soul Self Embrace

  1. I was startled in reading that you thought you had arrived at my apartment, but it turned out to be a portal to a pale blue sky, because I had to have my room repainted after the leak and asked the landlord to paint it with the color “Azure Sky”, a pale blue. I think that’s a case of precognitive veridical perception, and you had in fact arrived at the apartment.

    • Oh, nice! Love that color for your room. I’ve noticed that when dreams are so-called precognitive, they often contain more than one “piece” of information. I had that dream right before driving up to Boston to pick you up for our stay in Maine, all of us together in one big house. I have been wanting to be together with all of my family for a long time now. Although I have loved it up here on the mountain – and it was here the Holy Spirit led me into the Cathedral I saw in the mist through the doorway of dreams – I have also been lonely. This dream obviously foretold how I would be moving in with Lourdes, although at the time, I never would have dreamed that was possible, pun intended. 🙂

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