My True Essence

Two magnificent lucid dreams by Shelli, a member of Deep Dreaming:

August 23, 2013: G/C with nicotine after melatonin. (At parents’ house)

Lay awake for a while at WBTB. I notice my astral body moving a lot and then OBE. I leave the bedroom and go out the window. I go down and my plan is to do healing on a new area of concern. There is water there (in Waking Reality there is a lawn).

I go down to the water. As I scoop up a bit of water, it turns a healing green and I put it to the area and absorb it into my body. The area feels warm. I allow this for a short time. I then let the Lucid Dream just happen. I go under the water, at first forgetting I can breathe, but then recall that I can and do. I am under water for some time.

I then shoot into space very quickly. I travel for a long time, seeing stars and galaxies fly by. Even at such speed, it is very relaxing .

I return to Earth and then start to go through it. I get closer to the core and can see it getting brighter. I have my arms extended above my head as I go further, and startle as my hands get hot as I see the molten core (which isn’t as bright as other trips through it). Again I realize it will not hurt me and I continue to go through it.

I return to my parents’ house. Kent is there, watching TV in a basement. It is very late at night. D comes in and starts to make fun of Kent, as he may be a bit drunk. He rolls him off the bed. Hubby then comes in and we get into bed. We start talking to D and I begin flying around the room. Hubby looks up at me and says, “Oh! You’ve taken your pill!” He seems to realize that I am Lucid Dreaming. K is beside the bed and hubby and D lift the bed to partially trap K under it and we laugh.

I go outside and see a lake and dive in. It is quite muddy but I go in and through the mud, again realizing that I can still breathe. This goes on for a short while, then I go into space again. This time I see “stuff” as well as stars and galaxies. I catch what looks to be a brown leather ball that is open and hold it as I fly. I then see a planet to my left and think I should go there, but I continue past it. I also go through space dirt, left overs of comet dust and asteroids, but do not get hurt.

At some point I feel someone holding my left hand as I continue to fly. I am told it is Jesus somehow. (As I have already admitted elsewhere, I am not religious but spiritual, but I allow this to continue to happen). This trip through space goes on for a very long time. I see less stars and galaxies as I start to get to the outer part of the known universe. I start to think I’m going to the edge and wonder what I’ll see there. I start to get excited, then wake.

Dream Notes:

So – I have an area that I want to heal.  Time will tell, but I may try this again. And as I said, I am NOT a religious person, but am quite spiritual – I think Jesus probably did live, and was able to use more of his brain, or was much more advanced than most humans were (and are), and was able to do “miraculous” things.  Maybe he was also offering healing to me as well…

September 1, 2013 

Lots of sleep deprivation lucids and other dreams, but only posting the “more meaningful” ones here   G/C with nicotine after melatonin.

OBE: I say, “I want to see my true essence.” I zoom into space, flying fast through the cosmos. Every now and then, I see a wisp of bright blue cloud and sometimes go through it. I keep repeating my request. Is this my true essence? I keep going seeing the cloud, stars, galaxies for a long time. I start to feel confident that the cloud really is my true essence. I wake. I feel all tingly, then like I will OBE again so allow it.

OBE: I feel like I am suspended upside down on my bed at my brother’s, and then go head first. I feel like I am going through the earth, but then I see stars again.

I decide I want to see my inner self and say so. I just keep going. I repeat the intent several times, but see stars and galaxies only.

I then see a dark planet and recall Dr. T suggesting I visit, so I do. I land on it. It seems more like our moon, dark and rocky/dusty. I walk on it, and put my hands in the dust to hold onto the dream. I do this for a while as I keep walking, then start to notice pools of liquid as well. I marvel there is liquid, possibly water, on this moon-like planet, but  then wake.

Dream Notes:

I had a lot of False Awakenings where I recorded my dreams. I also suffered again from lack of sleep. Probably some travel-induced LDs and sleeping in a different place also contributed to this extensive night. I feel there were at least 4 dreams and maybe another OBE…

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