An Ancient Struggle

July 6, 2013

Running, escaping with a young woman through a door into a stairwell leading deep down into the building but there is no landing. We retrace our steps and emerge on an open air ledge-like balcony. Confronting us are a man and a woman floating in the sky a few yards away, both of them clearly hostile. I become lucid and think—Okay, this is a good time to practice my conjuring skills.

My companion is struck by the enemy female with a dark ball and so I intend-conjure a shield to deflect the “mud” ball flung at me by the man, and it sort of works. I then intend an explosive energy to enter the man’s mind and weaken him. I see the energy as red and that I succeed in diffusing his power.

woodblock-shoki-closeup-ichiban-antiquesAbruptly, he and I are sitting partially unclothed on the ledge-balcony and I am stroking his very small and very soft penis in gentle little upward teasing motions. He is utterly pacified with pleasure now; no more aggressive evil energy emanates from him. I am becoming sexually aroused but I sense, I know, there is no fulfillment-penetration ever to be had here. Then his hostile female companion reappears and tells the man what I’m trying to do, control him. He opens his eyes and stares directly at me, his face blackening in growing rage and evil power resembling an ancient Japanese demon painting. I cower submissively, gazing beseechingly into his eyes. After a few long nerve racking moments, during which I don’t feel inclined or even able to assert my defensive powers, he suddenly sees me and becomes human again, at which point I resume my petting of his impotent penis with his passive approval.

After a mysterious passage of time, I sit up like a Buddha and begin jigging gently up and down, swaying a little as I sing-chant an Oriental sounding ritual song. I am smiling, feeling at once playful and seriously conscious of the fact that I am remembering-channeling a past, very ancient life in which I experienced this power struggle. I either managed to handle it because of my spiritual connection to higher dimensions, or I died and ascended, both possible fates represented by the wide open pale sky before and all around me where I sit/float very high up on a ledge-balcony adjoining a large structure behind me, perhaps a temple or a tomb.

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