June 20, 2013

I find myself in the back seat of a car and actually sort of wake up there. Outside the windows there is a dusky blue light. It’s strange how long I slept, failing to keep Stinger company as he drove. I know we’re on a road trip headed north. I sit up and lean over the seat to talk to him. I sense we’re in a rather rural setting, passing through a small town, but the car is stopping and starting in heavy traffic on a major highway. I can’t really tell, but we seem to be near a bridge.  Stinger turns right and makes a U-turn in the empty lot of a white building I perceive as a municipal warehouse or factory of some kind, empty of people at this hour. But there are two young men moving purposefully around the white square columns, and I watch their sinister yet smiling faces as they each plant an electronic timer in a strategic location. They look like they’re having fun, not like deadly terrorists.

As Stinger pulls out of the lot, I cry—Hurry, the building is going to blow up! We don’t seem to be going fast enough, but by the time I hear the sound of a massive explosion, and see the dark plume of smoke in the distance, we’re far enough away. I know the building was destroyed and that the highway is definitely going to be closed as a result.

Dream Notes: This dream clearly seems precognitive because a few hours later there was a major explosion at a fireworks factory near Montreal. My dream relates to this breaking story in many ways, including the rural setting and the ensuing traffic jam. Two employees, working in a smaller building adjacent to the warehouse, were killed in the blast. The cause of the explosion is not yet known. Explosion at Fireworks Factory


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