Key to Lucidity?!

My brother, Mario, had his first full-fledged lucid dream!

May 13, 2013

I walked up a flight of stairs knowing I was a character in a sitcom arriving at a new apartment. At the top of the flight of stairs, I could see inside and could tell it was a very nice apartment with large windows facing trees and with a large dining room table close to the door.
Business man holding keyI reached in my pocket for the key, and when I looked at it I saw that it was my real house key. At that moment, when I remembered my waking life home, it dawned on me that I was dreaming! I quickly looked at my hands excitedly and went into the apartment thinking ‘this is so awesome!! be awake while my body is asleep.’ But I wasn’t used to being aware of myself in a dream, and I started to worry that in this dream world I was a sitcom character but didn’t know anything about the character, because I was only aware of my waking self now. I was worried about how I would play the correct role with the other characters. I walked into a room where there was a baby sitter with a child and I had to make like I knew them, and I think in this worrying about playing the correct role for the sitcom I lost awareness of being dreaming. The dream became so ordinary that by the time I woke up I wondered if I had really had a lucid dream or whether I had just dreamed about having a lucid dream. But that brief sense of being conscious while dreaming felt so memorable and striking that I felt that it well could be a baby step in dreaming lucidly.

Dream Notes: Something illuminating for me was that in the dream I was supposed to be a certain character, in a sitcom, and after I became aware that it was a dream character, I believed that I was still supposed to fit into that role rather than act as a character with a meta-awareness of a reality outside the dream. Identifying with the dream character and with trying to play the correct role led to a loss of that meta-awareness. This is I think too what can happen in life, identifying, naturally, with being a certain character, with a certain role, which may likewise be a dream character, a dream role and there is a mysterious meta-awareness beyond these dream roles of which we only have inklings. I think the startling sense of waking in a dream instills that sense or premonition that this is true and dislodges the sense of self as being a certain character with a set of well-defined, finite traits and corporeal boundaries. It dislodges the lingering notion that logic holds the key to ultimate knowledge.

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