The Next President of the U.S.

November 5, 2012

Lots of vivid, semi-lucid dreams. After 5:00, looked at my hands, knew I was primed for having a lucid dream.

I’m sitting in my car after work in the same place I was dreaming about earlier. For some reason, I had decided to linger in the neighborhood after work. Waiting for something? At some point during these dreams I experienced a distinct sensation as I stroked my legging-pants, soft, slightly velvety, expensive, that also translated into a pleasant contentment, because I can now afford a comfortable life that enables me to present myself in the best possible way. I was entering a clothing store or some such establishment as I felt-thought this. (It’s not the first time sensations and actions in a dream are more than just “physical” but are equivalent to thought-emotions, almost like a condensed instant form of conceptual processes.) Now, sitting in the car, I’m listening to a conversation between two men, one a waking reality acquaintance from Miami and the other his gay friend. The latter is complaining about how Miami just isn’t the same anymore, that once you could go out at any hour of the morning for food and coffee now it’s all closed down, a wasteland, since most of the Cuban population was overcome by other nationalities. He’s lamenting that he won’t be able to go out for his favorite food as the man I know basically agrees and commiserates with him. When I realize they don’t know I’m also on the line, it occurs to me to wonder how I can be listening to their conversation. Did they somehow dial my number without realizing it? They say their goodbyes and we all hang up.

Meanwhile, I’ve had my eye on a man standing outside a building that feels like a restaurant-hotel of sorts. He’s wearing a dark suit and as I exit the car he starts walking toward me. Abruptly, I wonder if his presence somehow tuned me into the phone conversation, opening a channel to it. Am I a medium?! Rather, are my psi abilities suddenly strengthening and coming out into the open? I proceed down the street, which is shadowy now, after sunset, and all the shops are gone. All I see on either side of the wide, empty road are dark, rectangular buildings a few stories high. I look behind me, sensing a boardwalk and the ocean, and think—This is a dream! I’m dreaming.

At once I rise a few feet off the ground, buoyed by the joy of having become lucid, and I notice a large dog that had been running toward me at full speed abruptly turn around and begin running back in the direction from which it had come. I have a quick, confused thought about calling for my spirit animal (been reading Dr. T’s posts) but then it seems silly because clearly it had already come to me and the dog, “sensing” my thought-intent, is running back toward me. He’s very large but slender, with a narrow snout, and he’s a slightly luminous silver-gray. He’s big enough to be threatening but though I vividly recall dreams in which I rose up into the sky to avoid aggressive black dogs, I have the opposite reaction and response to this one. I reach down to let him sniff my hand and he even seems to lick it, practically quivering in his eagerness, and I encourage him to jump up on my lap where I’m hovering a few feet of the ground. Of course I’m not at all surprised that my spirit animal is a dog. I think of it as a “he” because I “know” he is.

Then I remember my intent. I try to speak out loud, but it’s like trying to talk under water. I struggle with it, wondering about the resistance, and I’m not sure if I speak or simply cry out in my mind–Who will be the next president of the United States?! The dog seems to know I’m preoccupied and doesn’t attempt to get closer as I ask the dream—Show me the next president of the United States! At once I hear the far off sound of a television and turn toward it. For some reason I can’t just fly Superman style toward it but I’m determined to get to it and I discover that sitting in the sky and moving my arms in a breast stroke gesture, opening them wide and closing them again, while at the same time lifting my outstretched legs up and down in a yoga-like exercise, enables me to move swiftly enough, if not as fast as I would like to.

I enter a building and what looks and feels like a combination cafe diner and drugstore where a crowd of people is relaxing watching a huge flat screen on which I see the colorful shapes of what appears to be a map or a graph and there’s no doubt it relates to or depicts the United States. I watch it for a moment, but I don’t have time to wait to see if my answer will appear on the screen. I crouch down and ask a little blonde girl—Who’s the president now? She replies in a muffled voice but I distinctly hear her response, “Barrack Obama.” I’m elated, but only for an instant. I add—What year is this? She has a pleasant, open but not very intelligent looking face (she looks about 8 or 9 years old) and clearly my urgent question confuses her so I quickly amend it to—What month is this? She replies—March. March, and it’s November! But that’s still not good enough. I ask her, controlling my impatience—Do you have a calendar? Is there a calender in here? Even as I speak, I spot one on the wall just behind her and to my left. I immediately go and crouch in front of it and distinctly make out the date March 2066. The future! But wait, that makes no sense, that date is decades from now. I clearly see the ‘2’ and the ‘0’ and the final ‘6’ but am not sure about the third number being a ‘6’. The date could be 2016. No matter, vision is iffy in dreams, and the evidence seems clear—it’s the future and Barrack Obama is president!

I “float” into an adjoining cafe-bar, and pause-sit for a moment at a circular counter crowded with people. I’m suffused, “glowing” with, elation. I fulfilled my intent and the result is the one I was praying for! I realize the emotional intensity of my response threatens the stability of the dream but I seem to be controlling it even as I simply cannot resist enjoying it. But it’s time now to focus on another one of my three intents as I “get up” to leave—to experience the embrace of Atum-Re (my version of Waggoner’s Clear Light dreams) or to visit a probable-past life in ancient Egypt. I’m really not keen on the Atum-Re intent as I’m too excited and “peace” and “bliss” and all that just don’t appeal to me at this point. I remember Dr. T’s purple portal to the pyramids and actually glimpse it outside the window of the establishment. I’m heading for it, moving obstacles out of my way, stuff associated with drug stores and diners, and I’m almost out of there when I experience the phasing out sensation and find myself in bed. Damn!

Dream Notes:Lingering after work somewhere before going home—work a full night of semi-lucid dreams and home WR. I was perched in between, waiting, waiting for an opportunity to become lucid. When I woke, I did the math and realized that if Obama is reelected he will still be president in 2016. That could very well be the date I saw on the calendar: March 2016. I hope so!

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