Sun & Moon Healing

September 1, 2012
Note: Around 5:30, got up and lit the candle in my study. Full moon but overcast. Back in bed experienced several hypnogogic sessions, maybe as many as 7, before falling asleep. It was about 6:50 when I woke from the lucid dream.

I find myself in a room with Stinger. I’m standing beside a long window through which I see a huge horse. I get the sense it’s one of two hitched to an old-fashioned wagon or carriage, but I’m looking at this one spectacularly big horse. I step closer to the window and say excitedly to Stinger, “Can you see that? Can you see that horse?” because it’s an unusual sight and already I suspect it might not really be there. I’m happy when (silently) he confirms that he can see it. The horse’s body is unusually large and full and as I gaze at in fascination I realize “out loud”, “This is a dream! We’re in a dream, Stinger!” I don’t sense confirmation of lucidity from him as I turn back into the room.

The lighting is dim, black-and-white in feel, and I know it relates to my level of lucidity. No problem, I tell myself I’ll remain calm as I practice the deepening technique of patting my upper body while also looking around me. I tell Stinger that I wish he could be with me in this lucid dream. I can see fixtures of the white-walled space that have a hand-crafted black wrought iron look and feel to them. (Stinger and I had been talking about his father’s work yesterday evening.) I have no doubt I will deepen and maintain lucidity and looking out another window, I see the moon, small and high in the sky but looking full as I know it is in waking reality. At once I remember my intent; remembering is a seamless moment of doing as I reach up and “capture” the moon between the tips of my thumb and forefinger and bring it down to my lips like a pill glowing with good health and vitality. I make the gesture of swallowing it without feeling it enter my mouth and go down my throat; the intent and gesture are enough.

I look down, intent now on pushing my house pants down to expose the small area of Tenia Discolor for which I incubated a healing lucid dream. It’s curiously difficult to do so and, as I’m struggling with my clothing, I look up and see the moon again moving swiftly across the dusky blue sky. I reach up for it again but it’s moving too fast. It doesn’t matter, I already fulfilled that intent, and now suddenly I see the sun, high above me at the sky’s zenith, small and bright and yet I’m able to look directly at it. The sun! I’m honored by its encouraging presence as the dream brightens around me and I see blue daylight sky outside and beyond the windows. I understand the sun relates to my level of lucidity, and yet it’s much more than that; it’s purely wonderful to have it there.

At last I succeed in pushing my pants down far enough to expose, in the dimness of the place in the room where I am, the discoloration at the top of the inside of my left thigh. Yes, I see a dark blotch on my skin and I hold my hand over it, taking a deep breath beginning down inside me and exhaling down through my arms into my hands, practicing Quantum Touch as the sun looks down on me and I glance up at its visible light. Immediately, I see the dark blotch dissolving as one infinitely tiny point after another vanishes beneath my healing intent. This all happens very quickly.

I’m moving now, reclining as I travel east to west at a sedate, steady pace. The room is left behind as I see a building in front of me and sense that I’m outside. All this time I keep my right hand hovering above the area of my thigh I’m attempting to heal, but the pleasure of this rushing motion, and of still seeing the sun above me accompanying me, takes precedence. I become aware of being aroused and move my hips back and forth against a firm bundle of clothes or bedsheets. Sexual pleasure rises without effort and I stop moving, thinking No, I’ll wake up. I’m moving a little faster now, and looking to my left I see orange metal barricades. I’m on a collision coarse, I’m going to hit that barricade at a high speed, and I can’t wait. Part of me experiences a thrill knowing that in waking reality what’s about to happen would be bad, but in a lucid dream, impacts are intensely pleasurable. I slam into it and go through it and all that happens is that I experience a pure, stimulating, profoundly arousing pleasure more akin to happiness than a physical sensation. I seem to be in a large warehouse-workshop full of construction materials, tables, tools, boxes of nails, etc. ostensibly the worse possible place to be “riding” out of control on a lucid roller-coaster as I slam into one table and am propelled toward another, and another. In waking reality I would have suffered a horrible, bloody mutilating and death, in the dream I’m having so much fun! Every collision feels better and better as they ostensibly become worse and worse. Inevitably, after one of them I phase out of the dream and wake up in bed.

Dream Notes: A horse for me represents my physical body. I’m glad to have seen such a big healthy horse. The fact that it’s harnessed to an old-fashioned cart seems to symbolize how I’m still tied to old ways of thinking about my physical health and how much power I have to heal myself. I practiced, if only briefly, what I’ve learned so far about Quantum Touch. The next day, I touched the discoloration and it began flaking away beneath my fingertips in tiny little particles. I believe the lotion I was using burned my skin and peeled off a layer of it, but the fact is that a few days later, the discolor was completely gone. Perhaps my inner self understood there was no real issue and hence didn’t concentrate on the healing as I normally do in a lucid healing dream.

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