OBE With Arthur

May 18, 2012
Finding myself in my dark study, looking down the hallway and seeing softly glowing white lights, I abruptly realize, I’m still dreaming! I believed I had woken up from my lucid dream and was remembering it and thinking about it in waking reality, but in fact I had been asleep the whole time. I truly feel I’m in my study. Even though it’s too dark to make out details or edges to the furnishings, everything is where it should be. The darkness is difficult to describe, not black and yet not gray either. It’s as though the darkness also emanates a bit of light, like a subtle sheen of “sweat” so that it’s luminous without illuminating things as the sun does. Then there are the clusters of silvery-white lights I sense all around me, inside and out, without having to be looking directly at them. I could be in deep space that has taken the form of my study and the land outside.

I say, “I want to go deeper. I want to go deeper” having read about this technique. Nothing happens. My back is to the window, beyond which rises my favorite tulip tree and so I decide I will simply go outside, I will myself out and I experience a sense of motion in that direction as I expect to go through the wall and find myself floating out over the grass, and yet I remain in my study. I walk to the door and look down the long corridor, suffering the creepy feeling of an OBE but without any real fear. I know I’m out of body, but it would be nice to have some company, so I say, “Arthur?” In waking reality, he is almost always by my side, and when I look down, there he is, his little mostly white body “glowing” with its beloved presence. I bend down and stroke his head. He’s really there with me, which makes me happy and stokes my courage. I lean over and pick him up, moving backward toward my reading chair. I almost drop him but manage to hold onto him as I apologize, “Sorry, boy, I don’t have very good control of my dream body yet” meaning the body I inhabit in an OBE. We sit there a moment as I consider the situation. “Want to go for a walk?” I ask, knowing he’ll understand that question and he seems as eager as he is in waking reality. “Let’s go for a walk!”

I put him down and we’re heading for the door. Gravity doesn’t feel the same, it’s almost like being under water, there is a sense of lightness and “freedom” and yet in this particular OBE there’s also a pressure I have to “fight” against equivalent to the sensation of the water’s surface you have to “break” through into open air again. By this I surmise the body I’m inhabiting is the one closet to my physical body. Then suddenly I feel some invisible force tug on my nightshirt… Stinger pulling on the covers as he rolled over, yanking me back into my body. Disappointing!!!

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