Loving my Enemy & Pottery

May 4, 2012
I’m hurrying down a dark city street. I’m not flying but I’m moving much faster than actually possible. All the buildings are mere shadows of themselves. I’m intent on getting some place safe; it feels dangerous out here. There may be a sound like that of a wind howling or of an incoming storm. I’m searching for the bright new blue-and-white Fairfax High I saw in another dream, I know it has to be farther up the street on the left, I’m willing it to be. But it’s still at an amorphous distance when I become aware of the fact that I’m being pursued. I look over my right shoulder and see a hostile female figure gaining on me; there’s no escaping her, she’s caught up with me. I’m only slightly concerned and not at all frightened. Almost calmly, I turn to fight her, swiping at her with an object I’m holding that might have been red but which is an ineffectual weapon. It seems silly but I don’t feel the need to make a greater effort against her even though she is truly armed to harm. I swipe at her more earnestly, looking into her face, intent with malice, when abruptly I realize what I’m doing is wrong, that there’s another way. At once I drop my “weapon” and declare, “I love you! I love you!” We’re both floating in the air as I put my arms around her. She lets me do it because the moment I told her I loved her, her aggressive expression was transformed into an almost helpless, melting look. We embrace, as close now as we were enemies before.I take her hand and pull her up with me, intent on exploring the place we’re in now. She’s a relatively young woman with a curvaceous, substantial body in which I distinctly remember the colors red and yellow. As we swim together through the air like human dolphins, I turn her to face me. “You’re so sexy,” I say, feeling attracted to her, and she seems willing to let me do whatever I want with her. Then as our eyes meet I exclaim, “This is a dream! We’re dreaming!” I wonder if she understands me, but that’s not as important as being lucid myself. “Now that I know Arthur is really safe in his crate,” I tell her, remembering an earlier dream, “I’m free to explore! Come on.”

Instead of continuing to fly upward, I turn back the way we came and walk along the floor in front of a long display of hand-crafted objects and small statues with a rustic, terracotta feel, all of them a soft green with hints of blue and gold and a homogeneous look as though made by a single person or tribe. I’m intent on seeing each individual piece even though I’m aware that my intent to clearly remember what I’m looking at is wishful lucid thinking more than truly possible. Getting my fill of this display, I look around me and decide it’s time to get out of the confining building. “Come on!” I say to my companion as I begin rising up toward the ceiling. “Let’s go, up through the ceiling, it’s not really there.” She hesitates, and then seems to try and lift up off the ground without success, still believing in gravity. “You can do it,” I urge, but I don’t wait for her as I command the dream to take me up and up! I’m ascending but the ceiling is resisting, partially solid. I distinctly feel and see myself passing through a mesh-like structure, a somewhat viscous white honeycomb of sorts. The sensation is not unpleasant; I’m more annoyed than anything that, no matter how forcefully I command to go faster, I can’t escape yet another layer of “ceiling” identical to the first, which inevitably slows my progress. I make note of the interesting experience even as I’m disappointed I can’t duplicate the success of the previous night’s lucid dream.

At last I make it out of the actual ceiling layers onto a rooftop of sorts, where there is one more barrier of blue sun room-like windows opening out at a slight angle. As I insert my body between them I exclaim, “Finally!” and yet though I’ve made it outside, I’m surprised to find myself on street level after all that struggle to go up and up! It’s annoying, and my companion appears not to have made it, but at least I’m outside and freely walking down a sidewalk on a sunny day. What now? I think of repeating another lucid dream in which I asked to be taken to the pyramids in the time of Menkaure the Divine to see if I get the same results, but I’m not entirely sure that’s the best option. I’m still considering what intent to form when I abruptly feel the pull back toward my physical body and wake up in bed.

Dream Notes: Sitting out on the porch the afternoon after this dream, Stinger suggested we drive to Harper’s Ferry on Saturday. I looked it up on my iPod and browsing through the website of one of the shops located in the historic district, I exclaimed, “This is just like the pottery I saw in my dream!” We drove out there and I discovered that the store contained even more pieces that looked almost exactly like the ones from my dream. I bought two of them, but I especially love the green and gold mixing cup with the miniature whisk; I look at it every day in my kitchen and it makes me so happy because it’s both lovely and functional and serves as a constant reminder of how dreams can and do come true. In another store selling gorgeous hand-made jewelry inspired by nature, I saw the woman from my dreams, the same short dark hair and voluptuous figure, and the colors of her dress were the colors she had been wearing in my dream. This is a clear example of a precognitive lucid dream.

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