Healing Hippopotamus Blood

May 19, 2011
Dream last night of driving with X, taking a sharp right onto an expressway where pollution reduced visibility to dangerously low levels and, as we progressed, there was no visibility at all yet I was driving as fast as if I could see clearly. I asked X if she could see the sign for Natchez but she wasn’t any help. I made myself slow down, flooring the breaks, but it took a while and I was amazed we ended up on the grassy right side of the road without crashing into anything. Nevertheless, we appeared to be at the scene of an accident and the policeman said something to me. He reached into the car and with his thumb touched two spots on my face. I asked him, “Do I have to stay?” and apparently the answer was “yes” because the next thing I knew X and I were sitting inside in some kind of cafeteria, part of a detention area. The same police officer paused at our table. Smiling, he said something to me. Once again, he touched a spot on my face with his thumb, explaining that what I needed to feel better  was “Hippopotamus blood.” As he walked away, I remarked to X, “I have to admit, he’s hot, and I’m not even attracted to cops anymore.”

Dream Notes: In ancient Egypt, the female Hippo was regarded as a protective force. When the police officer dabbed “Hippopotamus blood” on my face, was he imparting a protective, healing energy to the dark spots in my energy field caused by all the negativity unleashed upon me by X in waking reality? The name of the Hippo goddess Ipet means Mistress of Magical Protection. One of my guides came to me in the form of a traffic cop and sent healing energy into my drained psyche to help me recover from the trauma of X’s insults, which left me feeling emotionally wrecked.

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